Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to buy Parsley

One of the many ways I would get to know new shoppers in my store was to follow them through the store and discreetly drop fruit into their shopping basket. When they got to the cashier counter and proceeded to deposit their produce on the counter to be rung through, a puzzled expression would appear on their face as they would find produce items they couldn't recollect getting.

The cashier and I would always get a big laugh out of it as we let the customer in on our joke. Just one of the many ways we bonded with our customers and became friends.

Parsley is a simple herb and easy to purchase without much fuss, either it looks great and we pick up a bunch or it looks terrible and we don't.

I'm gonna tell you a secret to reviving parsley once it has become drab in your fridge. This can only be done once so you should wait until you're actually going to use it. Run the parsley under cold water, shake off the water and then put the bunch upside down in a glass of ice. After a few minutes it should revive and appear as fresh as the day you bought it.

A good storing idea is to cut about 1/2 inch of stem off the bottom of the bunch and place the parsley in 1 inch of water in a glass in your fridge and just use it as needed. Simple but works great.


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