Friday, May 18, 2012

Fresh Strawberries in the Garden

Fresh picked Everbearing Strawberries

Strawberry Fields

I'm a strawberry lover and when I come across a good batch I hate sharing. I used to hide the best fruit in the back of my store and dole it out sparingly to my favorite customers. They would come in and say "Ok Rick, out with it! What's good today and where are you hiding it!".

I have sold millions of pounds of strawberries over the years and become choosy. My standards are high, which means you get better fruit.

Finding the local berry farm and picking your own strawberries during the summer months is alway best. Filling your buckets and eating at the same time of course. This is a great family activity that everyone usually enjoys. Smiles all around.

How to buy Strawberries:

There are a couple of really good commercial brands in the supermarkets that I recommend. Driscoll and Well-Pict are the 2 best brands offering premium strawberries. New varieties bred to last longer on the supermarket shelf may not have that deep red color we always associate with good fruit. The taste test is always best so pop one in your mouth.

It's true good looking fruit with eye-appeal usually tastes better. When buying fresh strawberries make sure the leaves are green and the seeds can be either yellow or green too. If you are picking up a clamshell container of berries open it up and check under the leaves for mold, wetness and decay. The berries should smell nice. Turn over the container and inspect the bottom too, juice leaking from the clamshell is a sign of bad quality. Pass on the strawberries if the seeds have a brown or black discoloration. Pitting, pockmarks and wrinkling are signs of age.

Free-to-use Strawberry Transparents


  1. Driscoll's are a very good grower and consistent, better than local grower at times, here in Texas!

  2. Awesome! I used one of your transparent. Thanks.


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