Monday, May 21, 2012

Green Kadota Figs

Black Mission Figs

Green Calimyrna Figs

Brown Turkey Figs

Fresh Figs on tree

Fresh Figs on tree

If you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying fresh figs before you're truly missing out. Sweet as sugar, figs are fantastic whether eaten fresh out of hand or used in desserts.

The most popular figs sold in North American markets are the green calimyrna and black mission varieties. But the green kadota and brown turkey varieties are also very good. Most fig lovers buy these by the case (called "flats") and they can consume them all in one sitting.

How to buy:

Fresh figs must be bought ripe. Figs won't ripen after they have been picked. Ripe fruit should feel soft to the touch and the outer layer of skin should peel away easily. Quite often there will be cracks in the skin this is another sign of ripeness. Pass on any figs that feel spongy or hard.

Sticky syrup leaking from figs is also a good thing. Shrivelled, moldy or pock marked fruit are signs of poor quality. Figs can become moldy overnight and spoil if they are left out at room temperature, always keep refrigerated.

I like to spread ripe figs over fresh baked bread, cook down some pears, squeeze pomegranate juice into the mix and finish it off with melted brie on top. Delicious...

I have sold tens of thousands flats of figs over the years. But the best figs I have ever eaten were off the trees at my friend Zia Talebi's farm in Oliver, B.C. a passionate grower.

Please let me know about your favorite variety of figs and any other comments my visitors would enjoy reading...


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