Friday, June 5, 2009

The nante varieties of carrots were once only available seasonally and commanded a premium price. Today the nante is available almost all year round and if you haven't tried them before you're missing out. I used to sample everything I sold and I was a big believer in "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY". Probably 80% - 90% of customers converted to nantes after they tried a sample.

You can recognize nante carrots easily due to their blunt tops and bottoms as shown in the photo above. These carrots are so tender that even jumbo sized (horse carrots) weighing a pound can be easily snapped between your fingers with one hand.

When you're shopping for nantes make sure the bottoms are solid and no visible cracks or sliminess is evident, this is an indication that the center of the carrot is bad. The tops should be clean and no black marks present anywhere on the carrot. Because availability has dramatically improved in the last few years, nantes should be priced between 69 cents - $1.29 per pound. Especially good eaten raw because of their tenderness.



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