Saturday, November 21, 2009


Chilean Cherries

You know in Chile, health care including prescription drugs is free so there are an unusually high percentage of transgender citizens in the country. We had a shortage of pickers last year and had to hire transexuals to fill in the gap. Nobody bothered to tell my partners so they were in for quite a shock when the girl they were talking to spoke back in a man's voice. I laughed so hard.

The crop this year has begun and will extend to February. Lots of cold weather and frost has hurt the crop and there will be a world shortage this season, the prices high, but the quality will be excellent. If you love cherries like me you can pick up some fresh cherries at your local supermarket right now. A real nice treat for this time of year.

2 bad seasons in a row for Chile. Last year a government strike shut down all shipping out of the country and after it ended, the government employees at the airpot in Bangkok went on strike, closing that airport during a crucial shipping period. Bangkok is a most important shipping point for Chilean cherries. Add the financial meltdown of the world economy to that mix and there will be few more growers getting out of the business this year whether they want to or not.

Support your local growers by eating more produce.


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