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White fleshed fruit has been a favorite among the Asians for many years and with the heavy commercial production of these fruits now in North America, quickly becoming a favorite here too. A large percentage of this fruit is exported overseas to Asian countries.

Known for their incredible sweetness and juiciness, though they don't have as much flavor as the yellow fleshed varieties; they are much sweeter.

Most of the time I can't get good quality white fleshed fruit to save my life in Grocery Stores. They just don't know how to buy it or handle it properly. It's important to know which varieties are the best! I suggest Asian markets as they have lots of experience handling these fruits; Asian peoples are very, very, picky and demanding regarding these fruits. I would get yelled at if the fruit wasn't sweet enough to their liking in my retail days. LOL!

This is a premium fruit and to build repeat business Produce Buyers should never buy on price, but by variety and grower.

Again the most important test when you're purchasing peaches and nectarines is they should smell wonderful when you hold them up to your nose (both yellow and white varieties). If they don't have any aroma I suggest passing on the fruit you'll only be disappointed. If cut samples are available, try one first.

Often much of the fruit on display in supermarkets will be old and spongy. This is a huge untapped category for many retailers, often outselling conventional (yellow) varieties when handled correctly. The fruit can be firm or have a little give when you press lightly between your thumb and fingers. Do not buy them if they are very soft or leaves an indentation when you press down with your thumb, even if they smell nice because they will usually be spongy and dry inside.

There shouldn't be any brown discoloration or scabs on the skin and no. 1 grade fruit should be perfect in shape; not lopsided, mishappen or mutated in appearance (this actually can affect quality and taste).

The sweetest varieties (yellow and white) will also have "red" flesh surrounding the pit and nectarines will also have speckled pale yellow or white dots on their bums.

Asians love to eat these fruits hard as rocks and crunchy like apples. While North Americans prefer soft and ripe like yellow varieties. To be truthful you can eat this fruit at any stage it should already be sweet if you performed the "smell test" and it passed. Experiment and find the stage you like best.

My 2 favorite varieties of White Peaches are Snow Kings and Yukon Kings.

Some great White Nectarines varieties are Snow Queens, Artic Stars, Heavenly Whites, Artic Rose, Artic Jay, and Artic Blaze.


Flat Peaches are usually called "donut" or "saturn" peaches today. All varieties are excellent and Flat Nectarines are probably the sweetest variety on the Planet! It's normal for these varieties to have an ugly huge butt LOL. Most packers of these fruits put a huge sticker over the butt to hide it from your eyes. Don't be turned off by their appearance, you will love them. Remember to smell them first before you buy.


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