Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nan Feng Mandarin Oranges

I laugh at how many little kids pick these up, peel and eat them right in the store (these are the size of a walnut). They look so appetizing, a true testimonial from our kids. There aren't many fruit a kid can pick up and eat the whole thing and peel by themselves. I will pick up a handful and eat 4 at a time. Easy-to-peel and so delicious.

Nan Fengs are the King of Oranges and you guessed it from China. The sweetest orange in the world and seedless too, my kids love these things and so do I. Available approx. November through February the only comparable fruit would be the "dancy" tangerines (seeded) for flavor and sweetness.

Not available in supermarkets, only in asian stores. Why I don't know...these have been around for many years. Like any piece of fruit make sure when you pick these up that they are not dry inside by following a few simple tests. They should be orange color, squeeze them gently make sure they're firm and not overly soft, smell them they should not smell like green mold or fermented juice; and lastly...peel one open and taste it.

I hope I've introduced you to a new variety of fruit you will love and enjoy forever.


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