Thursday, June 3, 2010


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I have been gone for awhile and haven't had a chance to update my blog with anything new or unusual. My apologies!

A new season is upon us and I will be posting regularly and adding updates as I travel through growing regions of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

California has had a great crop of cherries this season, prices have been quite reasonable so far and with the expected overlap of fruit between Califor

California is in full production right now with alot of the early variety Brooks available. A nice cherry if it's picked in a dry season, terrible quality if it rains, Brooks split so easily. Of course the bings are starting too, another excellent cherry with heavy volumes expected.

Washington State will begin picking their early varieties anyday now. The Chelan variety is an excellent cherry its characteristics are a dark, hard and very crunchy piece of fruit. Albeit not as sweet as the bing or lapin varieties which will come later in the season. The Van cherry is a Canadian favorite because of it's almost black color and supersweet thick sugary flavor. Volumes continue to decrease every year as this variety commands lower returns to the growers.

Can't wait to eat my fill of cherries this season. I've already started on the Rainiers, they haven't been this cheap out of California since I can't remember.


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