Friday, July 17, 2009


I forgot my digital camera on Wednesday and had to use my camera phone instead. The photo quality is not so great but it gives you an idea of the GIANT size of these Lapin cherries. Have you ever had the pleasure of eating cherries this big before? LOL! These will still grow much larger before they are picked.

Lapins Cherries are the number one variety sold in the world today and these are about a week away from being harvested.

I've been eating cherries all week fresh in the orchards and this year's crop is fabulous. I would be jealous of me if you're a Lover of Cherries. I get to taste many varieties and discuss the merits of each like a fine wine =)

The prices haven't been this cheap for probably eight years. I would guess the average price today should be about $1.99/lb in supermarkets. Though retails will vary widely 99 cents/lb - $2.99/lb; any higher and you're being taken advantage of.

Wholesale prices today are ranging from 70 cents/lb for small cherries to $1.50/lb for large cherries such as in my pictures above

I used to sell cherries online around the world by the box to discerning people who love to eat only the best and didn't mind paying for it. I would personally choose the best quality and a person could have their choice of several varieties. LOL! But my businesses became too big and I couldn't find the time to service the site any longer. Too bad.

Great varieties of cherries in season right now are Skeena, Lapin, Sunburst, and Rainier. I'm eating Sunburst Cherries as I write this post!

I've posted a video that shows a typical large scale cherry packing facility. The excessively high speed on some parts of the cherry line and their handling methods are definitely damaging the fruit. But this is a great educational video for those of you that have never visited a cherry packing facility before.


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