Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here are a few photos of some Lapin Cherries in an orchard I visited yesterday, these will be ready to harvest in approx. 2 weeks; I will export some of this fruit to Taiwan or a similar country.

The Lapin variety of cherry is one of the most popular cherries in the world. Known for its dark, almost black color, crunchiness, small pit, and super sweet flavor. Though this variety does not travel well and is best if shipped by air immediately after it has been harvested and packed.

This season will see the biggest cherry crop in history in North America and Turkey has also reported a bumper crop which will put downward pressure on prices. Consumers will benefit from this with much cheaper prices than previous years. Retail prices should be $1.00 - $2.00/lb less than last year depending on the quality of the fruit, with much of the export quality being sold in local markets due to the over abundance.

Realistically, small cherries should be available 99 cents/lb on Special to $1.99/lb regular priced. Larger fruit $2.49/lb - $3.99/lb.

Many retailers will take advantage of the bumper crop and keep the retail price high, reaping additional profits for themselves. I suggest shopping around, this helps to keep your local supermarkets honest as a price wary customer is not to be reckoned with.

Buy lots of cherries this season to help support your cherry growers. With the low prices this season, it will be a very tough year for many growers. Remember to check for "green" stems when you're purchasing cherries; green stems signify the fruit is fresh picked. Enjoy!


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